1995 Broadway, Suite 200, New York, NY 10023

1995 Broadway, Suite 200, New York, NY 10023

1995 Broadway, Suite 200, New York, NY 10023

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Same-Day Denture Repair in Manhattan, NYC

We perform same-day denture repair and same-day dentures at our office on the Upper West Side.

Your denture will be more and more susceptible to cracking and breakage with age, even if you follow your dentist’s advice with regards to cleaning and storing your dentures. This is because as you age your mouth changes shape and causes your denture to have a looser fit – ie the plates will move about more in your mouth as you are talking or chewing food.

This means that the plastic is repeatedly flexed where the suction is trying to keep it in your mouth. As with any flexible plastic, repeated flexing of the same part will cause breakage. There is also a risk that repeated flexing of the acrylic can cause the false teeth embedded in the plate to become loose or even break off. This can be prevented by having your denture relined when it gets loose. Our dental specialists have extensive experience repairing dentures and can even have repairs done the same day. Call our NYC office at (212) 247-2330 for more information today!

Denture Repair Process at Manhattan Dental Arts

If your denture breaks and you come to see us get it repaired, we will not simply glue the pieces back together. Gluing the pieces may be one step of the process but only if there is one clear line where the denture has fractured (ie not lots of cracks or a shatter) and even then glue is only used to temporarily attach the pieces together to hold them in place for the repairing procedure.

Once the pieces are in place our laboratory technician will pour either a silicone compound or a plaster mix inside the denture to cast a mold of the original shape. The final step is for our technician to remove a thin slice from the plastic on either side of the crack and replace it with new acrylic. This means that your denture is actually stronger after it has been mended than when it was before it broke!

The denture is remade to exactly the same specification and measurements except the acrylic plate is stronger. If one of the false teeth has come loose from the plate the same procedure is followed where the old plastic is removed from around the damaged are and replaced with new acrylic, making the bond stronger than ever.

Looking for same-day denture repair on the Upper West Side? Call Manhattan Dental Arts at (212) 247-2330 to schedule your appointment today

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