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What’s The Difference Between At-Home & Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

What is the difference between at-home whiteners and professional teeth whitening treatments? It’s about the same as cutting your own hair at home vs. having a professional stylist cut it. Your hair will be shorter, but will you be happy with the ultimate results…

If you want sparkling white teeth that will last more than a few weeks, and you want it now, make an appointment with Manhattan Dental Arts for professional treatment.

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What To Expect With A Smile Makeover

As we continue to move more towards remote working and learning, we are also doing job interviews online with Zoom and other platforms. Whether we are doing business everyday with mobile apps or trying to land a new job, our face and our smile are front and center. Grey or yellow teeth are not so appealing, neither are chips, gaps, or other imperfections. A smile makeover can not only improve your self confidence, but maybe even get you that promotion or new job. If you have been considering one, here is what to expect with a smile makeover.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Tooth Sensitivity

Have you ever taken a big gulp of cold water and felt a surprising pain right through to your jaw? Maybe it was a sip of hot coffee that almost put you through the roof. Hot and cold beverages or foods can be problematic if you have tooth sensitivity, and it makes you wonder what caused it. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore tooth sensitivity.

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What To Consider When Choosing Between Dentures And Implants

We love having options, don’t we? Some choices are frivolous, but others have real consequences requiring some thought and research before making a decision. Now you have a choice about what treatment you want for missing or broken teeth. Let’s review what to consider when choosing between dentures and implants.

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When Is It Time To Consider Getting Veneers?

Do you hesitate looking in the mirror or positively hate smiling for a selfie or photo? If you have always wanted to have the picture perfect smile of a news anchor or celebrity and hate your discolored front teeth, it is easier than you probably think to make that wish come true. When is it time to consider getting veneers? Maybe now.

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Anxious When Seeing Your Dentist? Here Are Some Tips!

We doubt anyone actually looks forward to seeing their dentist, but white knuckling it is a bit over the top. Still, there are many who absolutely despise going. With the advent of COVID-19, dental anxiety might even be more prevalent than before. If you are anxious when seeing your dentist, here are tips you should know.

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