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What’s The Difference Between At-Home & Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

What is the difference between at-home whiteners and professional teeth whitening treatments? It’s about the same as cutting your own hair at home vs. having a professional stylist cut it. Your hair will be shorter, but will you be happy with the ultimate results…

If you want sparkling white teeth that will last more than a few weeks, and you want it now, make an appointment with Manhattan Dental Arts for professional treatment.

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What To Expect With A Smile Makeover

As we continue to move more towards remote working and learning, we are also doing job interviews online with Zoom and other platforms. Whether we are doing business everyday with mobile apps or trying to land a new job, our face and our smile are front and center. Grey or yellow teeth are not so appealing, neither are chips, gaps, or other imperfections. A smile makeover can not only improve your self confidence, but maybe even get you that promotion or new job. If you have been considering one, here is what to expect with a smile makeover.

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What To Consider When Choosing Between Dentures And Implants

We love having options, don’t we? Some choices are frivolous, but others have real consequences requiring some thought and research before making a decision. Now you have a choice about what treatment you want for missing or broken teeth. Let’s review what to consider when choosing between dentures and implants.

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When Is It Time To Consider Getting Veneers?

Do you hesitate looking in the mirror or positively hate smiling for a selfie or photo? If you have always wanted to have the picture perfect smile of a news anchor or celebrity and hate your discolored front teeth, it is easier than you probably think to make that wish come true. When is it time to consider getting veneers? Maybe now.

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Ways You Can Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

Many of us remember (or were) the kid who wore braces in the 5th grade. Now that we are adults, the last thing we want to do is wear metal braces to straighten our misaligned teeth. Yes, we want the best smile possible, but braces are a non-starter. The good news is that today there are actually options and ways you can straighten your teeth without braces!

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What You Should Know Before Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces. It gives you the opportunity to straighten your teeth without being self-conscious about those metal contraptions everyone used to wear. Before you make the decision about moving forward, here is what you should know before Invisalign treatment.

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Reasons To Get A Chipped Tooth Repaired

Some people are procrastinators by nature. They put everything off until the last minute or end up doing nothing. It might be fine waiting to do certain inconsequential things, but when it comes to a chipped tooth, it’s essential to act as soon as possible. Here are some important reasons to get a chipped tooth repaired without delay.

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7 Reasons To Consider Dental Implants

If you know someone who wears dentures, you probably have heard what a hassle they can be. They move, can come loose, limit what foods can be eaten, and actually change facial features making someone look years older. Welcome to the 21st century and another option: dental implants. Here are 7 reasons to consider dental implants if you have missing teeth.

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6 Reasons To Whiten Your Summer Smile

Aren’t you just drawn to people with a bright white smile? Somehow they seem happier, more confident, and even younger. It seems to be the consensus when meeting anyone with a dazzling smile. If that’s not enough to convince you that you need to enhance your “not so pearly whites,” here are 6 reasons to whiten your summer smile.

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