Dental Floss vs. Water Pick: What You Should Know

Why is flossing so important? Flossing removes food debris, plaque, and bacteria in difficult to reach places. If you don’t floss regularly, bacteria will calcify, turn to tartar, and lead to gum issues and gingivitis. You may have heard a water pick can do similar. Dental floss vs. water pick: what you should know to help you decide.

Water Flossing

Water flossing is a newer form of cleaning your teeth utilized by many of us. It works in between teeth and at the gum line and squirts water between teeth. The American Dental Association tells us that water flossing is a great alternative if you have difficulty flossing with traditional string floss. We all know it can be tricky to get into some of the most important parts of your mouth where plaque grows and bacteria lurks.

Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

A water pick is easier to use than string floss, and it’s the first thing you will notice.

There are several other important benefits including the following:

  • If you have sensitive teeth, it is less painful.
  • If you have braces, it is a better way to remove food debris out of the braces.
  • If you have issues with dexterity, like arthritis, it can make it easier to clean your teeth compared to string floss.
  • It can help reduce bleeding and gum disease.
  • It aids in the reduction of bacteria even below the gum line.

Regular Dental Flossman flossing teeth in mirror

Although it can be tricky, regular string floss is still the most effective tool to clean between teeth. It is important to scrape up and down the sides of teeth for optimal cleaning, and it is more effective in preventing gingivitis and gum disease. The scraping motion of string floss removes tartar causing plaque.

The truth is that using both in your daily oral hygiene regimen is the best of both worlds. String floss is small and more convenient to take with you during the day, whereas the water flosser needs electricity and not something that is portable.

The bottom line is use something for flossing. Water flossers are a good alternative if you have trouble with a string type, but using both can give you the ultimate clean and healthy mouth.

In addition to brushing twice a day and flossing, be sure to see Manhattan Dental Arts at least twice a year.

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