Reasons To Get A Chipped Tooth Repaired

Some people are procrastinators by nature. They put everything off until the last minute or end up doing nothing. It might be fine waiting to do certain inconsequential things, but when it comes to a chipped tooth, it’s essential to act as soon as possible. Here are some important reasons to get a chipped tooth repaired without delay.

Causes Of A Chipped Tooth

Sometimes you can chip a tooth by simply crunching on those left over ice cubes from your drink. We hope this makes you think twice before you do that again. 

Falling, or an injury to your face or mouth, can cause a chipped tooth which usually results in  bleeding and considerable pain. You may also bite into something and part of your tooth breaks off, which sometimes can be due to cavities.

Grinding your teeth at night, or bruxism, is another common cause of chipped teeth.

man sitting in dentist chair with open mouth. female dentist repairing teeth

Damage To The Pulp

The pulp is the innermost portion of your tooth which contains tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. If the chip affects the pulp and it becomes exposed, bacteria can develop in the pulp and the whole tooth can become infected. If this occurs, you may need a root canal or even extraction might be necessary.

This is one of the most important reasons to see Manhattan Dental Arts as soon as possible.

Damage To The Inside Of Your Mouth

The sharp edges of a chipped tooth can rub and cut into your tongue and the inside of your mouth, cheek, and your gums. This makes eating, drinking and talking painful.

You May Develop Bite Problems

A chip may change the way your teeth come together and how you chew. It can result in uneven wear and tear and bruxism.

If the chip was due to an injury, you may not realize that your jaw has gotten out of alignment resulting in TMJ. You may be able to avoid this by getting treatment early.

Teeth Can Become Ultra Sensitive

You may find that the slightest cold or hot foods or drink will be painful. This is because there has been damage to the tooth’s nerve and it has lost its insulation.

Procrastination Can Cost Money

Even if you have no pain or other symptoms, don’t wait too long to see Manhattan Dental Arts with a chipped tooth. You could end up spending a lot more money on expensive root canals and other treatments. Any problems will only get worse with time.

There are several simple repairs that will not only save you money, but will take less time to complete, and with less or no associated pain. Our dental office in the upper west side is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care to patients throughout New York City.

Don’t wait to contact Manhattan Dental Arts if you have chipped a tooth. To schedule an appointment, please call (212) 247-2330 or request an appointment online today.