Strategies To Overcome Fear Of Dentists

For some people it’s flying. For other folks it’s a snake. Going to the dentist is right up there with common phobias and fears. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We are not trying to make “light” of it, since it is very real for a large percentage of the population. Some fears are basically irrational, so let us suggest some rational strategies to overcome fear of dentists.

Woman covering her mouth with dental tools near her face

It’s Not Really The Dentist

No, it’s not the man or woman who is the dentist, nor is it the hygienist that brings out those anxious feelings. The fear came from somewhere, and when you honestly look at the root of the fear, you can begin to work through it.

Maybe you had a bad experience in the past. You didn’t have enough pain numbing meds and the dentist hit a nerve while drilling.

Maybe your parents were afraid of going to the dentist. They either discussed it, or just never went. As a child, you picked up on that fear.

Maybe it’s just the sounds and smells of a dental office that trigger your fears.

Knowing the real reason can help you overcome it.

Acknowledge Your Fears

Don’t be afraid to tell the dentist about your fears. We have heard it all before. The more we understand your fears, the more we can put you at ease. We at Manhattan Dental Arts want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Always Pick An Early Morning Appointment

Going to the dentist first thing in the morning will “get it over with” early in the day, and you won’t spend your day feeling anxious.

Go Regularly

That might sound crazy, but going more often will lessen the fear. Having your teeth cleaned every quarter instead of once or twice a year will give the hygienist less to do. You will spend less time in the chair, have less cleaning, and less chance for pain. It will begin to become a normal occurrence.

Do Your Homework

Talk to friends, relatives, and co-workers for a referral to their dentist and ask why they go there. Listen carefully to their answers. Is it because it’s cheap, it’s close to their home, or does the practice treat their patients like family? Do they go out of their way to make patients feel comfortable no matter what procedure they are having done? Are they willing to answer questions?

You can usually tell right away when making your first call for an appointment how accommodating a practice will be.

It’s time to put aside your old fears and begin to have improved oral health.

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