The Dangers Of At-Home Teeth Straightening Products

Teeth whitening and teeth straightening are all the rage right now. We all want that perfect beautiful white smile that celebrities have. We doubt very much they did it by themselves with a home kit. Yes, they have more money than most of us, but they also understand the importance of having a specialist oversee the changes made to their teeth. We should too. Let’s review some of the dangers of at-home teeth straightening products.

Without Professional Supervision It Could Cost You More Money

Have you ever attempted a project by yourself, like tiling your floor, only to end up spending thousands to have a professional installer pull it all up and start over? Most of us can relate at least one story. Sometimes it’s just best to let a professional do the job. This is especially true with teeth straightening.

These kits can actually damage your teeth without a specialist overseeing the process throughout. This just ends up being a losing proposition with you spending more money to fix the damage. So if you’re trying to save money and time, you might want to think again.Girl with braces and in bathrobe eats an apple near the window at home

Easy And Affordable, But Is It Effective?

What’s the point of getting something fast and cheap if it doesn’t work? All the ads tell you it’s easy to do, cheaper than going to dental appointments, and of course, you’ll be thrilled with the result. Not so fast.

What aren’t they telling you?

  • Not everyone is a good candidate for these aligners
  • They don’t mention how important a full evaluation like an X-ray is before you start treatment
  • Your teeth and gums might not be healthy enough
  • You could develop bacterial infections

If the treatment is not done correctly, you can end up with complications like gum disease and gum recession, tooth loss, plus bite difficulties and changes. If the aligners don’t fit well, there is no professional to make adjustments.

You Can Do It Yourself – OR

Consider that a specialist spends 10 years studying undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs before they attempt to straighten teeth. Remember professional treatment is not a medical device, it is a service.

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