What To Expect When Getting Dentures

Having a missing tooth or several missing teeth is embarrassing and can make it difficult to chew and eat, but you have several options available before making a decision about getting dentures. If you are experiencing missing teeth and have decided on dentures, here’s what to expect.

Thorough Examination

Manhattan Dental Arts will evaluate the health of your mouth and gums and look for any infection, decay, inflammation, or if there are other teeth that may need to be removed.spouses having candid healthy toothy smile


Once you are cleared to get dentures, expect a discussion of the types of dentures and which type is best for you. This can be based on your age, your gums, and chewing strength. Dentures can also replace one or all of your teeth.

When you need all your teeth replaced, they are known as full dentures which rest on your gums. The durability can be enhanced by adding implants.

Dentures that replace one tooth or more are known as partial dentures. They attach to the teeth already there, plus cover and rest on the gums and bone where teeth are missing. Dental implants can also be used to stabilize partial dentures.

Making A Mold

When the exam and consultation are completed and it has been determined what type of denture you need to improve your smile and function, a mold will be made. The mold will be measured to be an exact fit with the remaining teeth and is then sent to a lab for completion.

The Fitting

Once the dentures are complete, the patient returns for a fitting. This ensures the dentures fit properly, and if there is any discomfort or pain, Manhattan Dental Arts will make adjustments.

Acclimating To Dentures

It may take a bit of time to acclimate to wearing dentures. Eating and speaking may feel different, but it won’t take long until patients become comfortable wearing them.

Choose the best if you are considering dentures. Contact Manhattan Dental Arts for an evaluation.