What To Expect With A Smile Makeover

As we continue to move more towards remote working and learning, we are also doing job interviews online with Zoom and other platforms. Whether we are doing business everyday with mobile apps or trying to land a new job, our face and our smile are front and center. Grey or yellow teeth are not so appealing, neither are chips, gaps, or other imperfections. A smile makeover can not only improve your self confidence, but maybe even get you that promotion or new job. If you have been considering one, here is what to expect with a smile makeover.

Begin With Whiter Teeth

So many people refrain from a full smile because they are embarrassed about their discolored stained teeth. Of course it is one of the first things you notice about someone, even before the frequency of online chats. Coffee, red wine, Italian foods with tomato sauces, smoking, and dark colored drinks all stain your teeth over time.

You may have tried drugstore whitening kits, but if you really want a “wow” difference, it’s best to see Manhattan Dental Arts for a true smile rejuvenation experience.

teeth before and after smile makeover procedures

Got Crooked Or Misaligned Teeth?

Once you have your pearly whites sparkling again, you might want to do something about those crooked teeth. Most adults don’t want to be saddled with ugly metal braces, so take a look at Invisalign.

This series of clear aligners will slowly move your teeth into a more attractive position and virtually no one will notice you are wearing them. You only remove them to eat and brush your teeth, and voila, now you have beautiful white teeth that are also beautifully aligned as well.

We’re Not Done Yet

How about cracks, broken or chipped teeth? If that is an additional issue for you, Manhattan Dental Arts has you covered. Dental bonding is a quick fix of strong and durable resin used to camouflage and repair chips, cracks, or snags in your front teeth.

Smile Changing Veneers

Porcelain veneers can make gummy smiles more attractive, too short teeth look longer, hide missing teeth, multiple gaps, excessively wide gaps and extensive staining.

Once they are placed on the front of your teeth, they will last for years totally changing the look of your smile. They can be a replacement for whitening if your teeth are permanently discolored due to some other issue whitening will not correct.

Dental Implants

Replace one or multiple teeth by using dental implants which look exactly like your natural teeth and need no special care. Unlike dentures or bridges they adhere to your jawbone.

Think about what you want to improve about your smile, and bring those ideas to your dentist for recommendations and a consultation. A smile makeover is within your grasp.

Contact Manhattan Dental Arts at (212) 247-2330, or request an appointment online, if you are considering a smile makeover.