What’s The Difference Between At-Home & Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

What is the difference between at-home whiteners and professional teeth whitening treatments? It’s about the same as cutting your own hair at home vs. having a professional stylist cut it. Your hair will be shorter, but will you be happy with the ultimate results…

If you want sparkling white teeth that will last more than a few weeks, and you want it now, make an appointment with Manhattan Dental Arts for professional treatment.

The Dream Of Pearly White TeethTeeth Whitening Before and After

We all want that Hollywood smile that dazzles. There is no doubt that sparkling white teeth make everyone look better, more confident, sexy, and yes, younger. We doubt those celebrities used whiteners they bought at the nearest drugstore.

You can try the familiar “name brands” we all know and choose from toothpastes or kits to make your teeth whiter and brighter. While they are less expensive than a professional treatment at your dental office, they will not give you instant gratification.

Because the ingredients are at a lower concentration than professional whitening, at-home kits take a longer time to see any real results, and worst of all, the results don’t last very long.

The Value Of A Professional Whitening Treatment

There are several differences that make a professional treatment superior to anything you could do at home.

    • Manhattan Dental Arts uses hydrogen peroxide at a more potent concentration which gives better and faster results than at-home kits.
    • Manhattan Dental Arts provides a custom designed tray which seals off your teeth from the rest of your mouth for maximum whitening.
    • Manhattan Dental Arts tailors your whitening solution for your particular stains.

The Masks Are Slowly Coming Off

Manhattan Dental Arts is open for professional whitening right now, so when you remove your face mask, those around you will actually be able to see those dazzling white teeth.

Don’t wait to make an appointment with Manhattan Dental Arts for a professional teeth whitening treatment. A younger, more confident you awaits! Contact our dental office on the Upper West Side at (212) 247-2330 to schedule a visit today.